Airport Hotel Review: The Phoenix Hotel Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport)

Airport Hotel Review: The Phoenix Hotel Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport)

During my trip to Phuket earlier this year, I had to stay a night near Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport between my flights from Seoul and to Phuket.

Since my arrival time was around midnight and I was departing the next morning, I was alright with any accommodation as long as it was fairly close to the airport. Initially, I considered staying at BS Residence Suvarnabhumi where I did a day stay in the past.

But eventually, I decided to go with The Phoenix Hotel Bangkok as it was similarly priced and would allow me to review a different airport hotel in the area. Booked through, it cost about 27 dollars for the night.

The Phoenix Hotel offers a free shuttle service between the airport terminal and the hotel.

Rather than there being a fixed schedule departing from a fixed bus stand, there is a system (at least in my own experience) unique to Suvarnabhumi airport. After arriving and going through the immigration and customs, I had to head towards doors 3 and 4 of the arrivals hall.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel Pick Up Point

Airport hotel shuttle meet up point.

Once there, I had to find a person with “The Phoenix Hotel” sign who then called the shuttle and told me to wait. After a bit more than fifteen minutes of waiting, the person came back to me and instructed me to follow the driver.

While the system confused me a bit when I stayed at a Suvarnabhumi airport hotel for the first time, this time around I knew what to do and so the whole process went smoothly.

As for the ride itself, it took less than ten minutes to get to the hotel.

Going back from the hotel to the airport, there is a fixed schedule that you will be informed about during check-in. I took the 6AM shuttle which got me to the airport with plenty of time to spare before my domestic hop to Phuket.

Check-in and the Lobby

The check-in process was smooth and after paying for the night, I was given a key to my room and one of the staff members showed me to my room and helped me with my bags.

The Phoenix Hotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Reception

The Phoenix Hotel reception.

As for the lobby itself, given that this is a budget hotel, there is not much to talk about. Besides the reception desk, there was some simple seating, a small rack with souvenirs for sale, a couple of computers for the guests to use, and an entrance into the hotel’s massage room.

The Phoenix Hotel Bangkok Reception Seating

Seating in the lobby.
Massage Room

Souvenirs for Sale

Souvenirs for sale.


The Phoenix Hotel Bangkok Guest Room

As for the guest room itself, right after entering there was the main part of it with two single beds on the left side. And, a simple artwork above them.

Guest Room at The Phoenix Hotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

Beds in The Phoenix Hotel Bangkok guest room.

Across from it was a (very old) television next to which there were complimentary bottles of water and a tea and coffee set. While the area with the bed looked relatively modern, the TV area was quite outdated and worn out.


Old-school television.
Water, Tea and Coffee

Water, tea, and coffee.

Behind the TV counter, there was a hanger with several towels prepared. And, behind that – in the very back of the room, there was a sink area with a hairdryer and The Phoenix Hotel branded amenities, and the shower and restroom across from that.

Towels and Sink

Towels and sink.

Branded amenities.
Shower Room at The Phoenix Hotel Bangkok

Shower room.

The Phoenix Hotel Bangkok Summary

The Phoenix Hotel Bangkok provided me with more than adequate place to spend the short night at during my transit in Bangkok. Especially so at the low price of less than 30 dollars per night. The staff was friendly, the room was quite clean, and it provided all I needed.

At the same time, though, I personally preferred the slightly more modern room of BS Residence Suvarnabhumi where I stayed during the day in the past. And so, I would likely stay there the next time given that the two cost roughly the same.

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