Airport Hotel Review: Toyoko Inn Chubu Kokusai-Kuko Honkan Orange Side (Nagoya Centrair)

Airport Hotel Review: Toyoko Inn Chubu Kokusai-Kuko Honkan Orange Side (Nagoya Centrair)

If you plan to take an early morning flight out of Nagoya Centrair or need to stay near the airport for another reason, you basically have a choice of four hotels.

The closest one to the airport is TUBE Sq, a capsule hotel which I reviewed at the end of last year, which is located right inside the terminal. Then, there is Centrair Hotel which is a short covered walk away, near the airport’s train station. And finally, there are Comfort Hotel and Toyoko Inn, both of which are a slightly longer walk away, near the airport’s ferry terminal.

During my quick trip to Nagoya back in April, I stayed at the cheapest of the non-capsule hotels, the Toyoko Inn which I booked for about 65 dollars through More precisely, I stayed at its “Orange Side” – one of the two (I believe nearly identical) wings of the hotel.

Toyoko Inn Nagoya Centrair Exterior

Toyoko Inn Nagoya Centrair.

Getting to the Hotel

While the furthest one from the terminal, the Toyoko Inn hotel is still located on the airport island and is reachable on foot. While most of the walk is through a covered walkway, the last minute or two of the walk are outside and so getting to the hotel might be a bit of a hassle in case of rain.

To get there, follow the signs inside the terminal towards Access Plaza (which is more or less a fancy name for the airport’s train station). Once you get there, go even further following the signs for “high-speed boat” and then “hotel.”

Nagoya Centrair Airport

Walkway to Access Plaza.
Nagoya Centrair Airport Access Plaza

Access Plaza.
High-Speed Boat

Walkway to “high-speed boat.”
Toyoko Inn

Toyoko Inn is the same way.

At the end of the walkway, take the stairs or elevator down a level, and walk down the street past Comfort Hotel for a couple of minutes to reach the Toyoko Inn.

Comfort Hotel and Toyoko Inn at Centrair Airport

The Toyoko Inn is a bit further than Comfort Hotel.

Check-in, Lobby, and Breakfast

After walking past a rhino statue that looked a bit out of place and into the hotel, I was welcomed by a lobby packed with people, mostly members of a Chinese tour. Luckily, though, there was a separate check-in counter for individual travelers and groups, and so, the check-in process was quick.


Toyoko Inn Nagoya Centrair Lobby


Tour group’s luggage taking up most of the reception area.
Crowded Lobby

The lobby was constantly packed.

Besides the reception desk and a corner where one could get extra amenities, the lobby also served as the breakfast room. While the breakfast was free, I ended up skipping it and getting a breakfast in the terminal instead since the breakfast area was overcrowded with the Chinese tour group(s) which seem to be the standard situation at this hotel.

To give you a brief overview of the breakfast, though, it was split into two buffets – one Japanese and one western. And, in terms of contents, was one of the better breakfast buffets I’ve seen at the various Toyoko Inns I stayed at.

Toyoko Inn Nagoya Centrair Breakfast

Breakfast area.
Western Breakfast

Western breakfast.

Toyoko Inn Japanese Breakfast

Japanese breakfast.

On a separate note, there was also a 7-Eleven convenience store just outside the hotel where one could buy some breakfast, snacks, etc.

Guest Room

My room was on the fifth floor, and rather than waiting in the long line for elevator, I decided to walk up the stairs.

Floor Plan

Floor plan.


As for the room itself, it was more or less the same as any other Toyoko Inn. To the right of the room’s entrance, there was the bathroom, and then further down there was the main part of the room which was only marginally bigger than the bed.

Toyoko Inn Centrair Guest Room

Overview of the room.

Across from the bed, there was a desk with a TV. Under the desk, there was a safe, a tea set, as well as a refrigerator.

Toyoko Inn Working Desk

Desk with TV, etc.
Tea Set

Tea and safe.
Under-Bed Storage

Tips from the hotel.

As for the bathroom, it was a typical “unit bath” with a small bathtub, a sink, and a toilet. Basic amenities including soap, shampoo, conditioner, and toothbrushes were provided.

Toyoko Inn Bathroom



Shampoo, etc.

Toyoko Inn Nagoya Centrair Orange Side Summary

If you are looking for a budget place to stay at within walking distance from Nagoya Centrair airport and do not want to stay at a capsule hotel, than the Toyoko Inn is a decent option. The rooms, while small, are clean and sufficiently equipped and the hotel provides free breakfast.

Should you decide to stay in this hotel, though, be prepared for the overcrowding issues.

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