Airport Hotel Review: TUBE Sq Capsule Hotel at Nagoya Centrair

Airport Hotel Review: TUBE Sq Capsule Hotel at Nagoya Centrair

When I was looking for a place to stay at Nagoya airport before the inaugural AirAsia Japan flight back in October, one place that caught my attention was TUBE Sq – a capsule hotel inside the airport’s terminal.

Since the flight was departing at 7:35AM, the hotel’s location was ideal. Plus, it was the cheapest option and it would be my first stay in a capsule hotel. With that in mind, I booked the room through for 5,180 yen (about 45 dollars).


As mentioned above, the hotel is located inside the airport’s terminal. More precisely, on its first floor in a section called the “Welcome Garden.”

I headed shortly after 9PM, after arriving onboard ANA from Haneda and briefly visiting Premium Lounge Centrair – and after having a quick dinner at Lawson’s convenience store located next to the hotel’s entrance.

TUBE Sq Nagoya Centrair Capsule Hotel

Entrance into the TUBE Sq capsule hotel at Nagoya Centrair.

After entering the hotel, I told the reception staff my name, and my check-in was processed. Interestingly, while there was a staff checking me in, I was asked to pay using one of the automated machines.


TUBE Sq Payment Machine

Payment machine.

Once the payment was processed, the staff gave me a keycard to open the hotel’s doors, as well as a key for my locker.

With those in my hand, I turned left and headed towards my room. I mean, capsule. (Just on a side note, the hotel has two separate wings – one for men and one for women – with the women’s wing being to the right of the reception.)

Entering the first door, I found myself in a small room with a vending machine, a flight information display, and another door leading to the locker room.

First Room

Entrance into the locker room.
Vending Machine

Vending machine and FIDS.

Map of the men’s section.

Locker Room, Showers & Restroom

In the locker room, I proceeded to find my locker – which had the same number as my capsule.

TUBE Sq Locker Room

Locker room.

Inside Locker

Inside the locker, there was a bag with amenities.

Inside the locker, there was a large bag with various amenities – including pyjamas, towels, slippers, toothbrush, etc.

TUBE Sq Bag with Amenities

Amenity bag which included towels, slippers, etc.

From the locker room, the shower room, restroom, as well as the room with all the capsules could be accessed directly.

The shower room featured individual shower booths with a curtain around each of them for privacy.

Both the shower room and restroom were clean and well stocked with all the necessary amenities.



Capsule Room

The capsules were located in a separate room which had rows of them – stacked in pairs of two.

TUBE Sq Capsule Room

Capsule room.

My capsule – which was more spacious than I imagined – was located at the very end of one of the rows, on the lower level.

TUBE Sq Capsule

My capsule.

Besides a hanger and bedding, the capsule was also equipped with a variety of features – mostly located on inside end of the capsule.

Back Panel

Back of the capsule.

There was an alarm clock, a pair of power outlets, and a small safe that could be locked using the locker room key. The capsule also sported a mirror, a small counter for personal items, and a pair of power outlets.

Alarm Clock

Alarm clock and light switches.
Power Outlets

Power outlets.
Mirror and Table

Counter and mirror.


Finally, there was a curtain that could be pulled down to close the capsule. While it blocked light from the outside, it naturally didn’t block any noise.

Curtain Down

Looking towards the aisle with the curtain down.

TUBE Sq Nagoya Centrair Capsule Hotel Summary

Overall, TUBE Sq was a perfectly fine place to stay for the short night. While it might have been expensive compared to the price of other capsule hotels, it was the cheapest option when it came to staying at the airport.

My impression of the capsule hotel was mostly positive. The amenities that were provided were beyond what I was expecting – and the capsule itself was quite spacious and comfortable.

The one thing that bothered me, though, was the lack of any protection from noise.

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