Lounge Review: United Club at Los Angeles International

Lounge Review: United Club at Los Angeles International

Contributed by Hirofumi Suda
Contributed by Hirofumi Suda
Hirofumi is an aviation enthusiast based in Zama, Japan. He fell in love with commercial aviation when he was eight, and ever since then has flown on more than 600 flights with more than 70 airlines. If you happen to read Japanese, also make sure to check his personal blog here.

Before taking my flight from Los Angeles to Phoenix on my September round-the-world trip, I had a chance to visit United Club lounge in Terminal 7.

The lounge was renovated in December 2016 and is accessible to Star Alliance premium passengers (excl. domestic first class), United Club membership holders, as well as non-United Star Alliance status holders among others.

Lounge Overview

Right after the lounge entrance and check-in, there was an escalator going to the upper floor where the lounge itself was located.

United Club Los Angeles Reception

United Club Los Angeles entrance.
Escalator to United Club Los Angeles

Escalators leading to the lounge.

Interestingly, the lounge offered 360-degree view as all sides of it had windows overlooking the apron and the city. Those windows (combined with the ever-present Californian sun) also brought in a lot of natural light.

United Club Los Angeles Seating Overview

Overview of the lounge.

The lounge had plenty of seating and there was also a bar and a spacey buffet area.

United Club Los Angeles Apron View

Apron views.
United Club Los Angeles Food Area

Buffet area.
United Club Los Angeles Bar

Lounge Overview

Overview of the seating area.

One thing I loved about the lounge was its terrace from where one could enjoy some fresh air and airplane views.

United Club Los Angeles Terrace


Food & Drinks Selection

The food offered in the United Club at LAX included salads, two kinds of hot soup (clam chowder and Southwest vegetarian soup), various cold cuts, and cheese cubes.

United Club Los Angeles Cold Cuts

Cold cuts.



As for beverages, there were soft drink fountains with juices and sodas, as well as the usual coffee machines.

For a moment, I would like to talk about the drink fountain. Rather than being a simple one found at many lounges, it was a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine where one could make their own “mixed” soda. Unfortunately, during my visit the machines did not work as intended and all I got was plain water. Oh, well.

Coca Cola Freestyle

Picking a flavor…
Coca Cola Freestyle

Cherry vanilla Fanta?!

Separately, there were also alcoholic beverages offered at the staffed bar – however, most of those were offered for a separate charge.

Going back to the food, since my friend told me his wife was preparing a dinner for me, I decided to have just a light meal. I picked up a bowl of clam chowder, which was excellent, and a slice of ham.

Clam Chowder

Clam chowder.

United Club Los Angeles International Summary

I found the United Club at Los Angeles airport to be a pleasant place to spend some time before a flight.

There was plenty of seating ranging from sofas to work desks and the lounge was airy and well-designed. The panorama views and outdoor terrace get the lounge some bonus points as well.

As for the food, considering that I was departing on a short domestic hop, it was more than sufficient. However, from the point of view of international passengers, it was subpar. That should, luckily, change once the Polaris Lounge opens.

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