Lounge Review: United Club Lounge at Phoenix Sky Harbor

Lounge Review: United Club Lounge at Phoenix Sky Harbor

Contributed by Hirofumi Suda
Contributed by Hirofumi Suda
Hirofumi is an aviation enthusiast based in Zama, Japan. He fell in love with commercial aviation when he was eight, and ever since then has flown on more than 600 flights with more than 70 airlines. If you happen to read Japanese, also make sure to check his personal blog here.

During my September round-the-world trip, I had a chance to visit three United Club lounges thanks to my Star Alliance Gold status. The second one after the United Club at Los Angeles airport was the one at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.

United Club Phoenix Entrance

United Club Phoenix entrance.

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Lounge Overview

The lounge is quite small but at the time of my visit there weren’t many visitors. One side of the lounge featured large windows which provided ample natural light.

The seating in the lounge – mainly consisting of sofa chairs – was comfortable and adequate for relaxing before a domestic flight.

United Club Phoenix Seating

Main seating area.

Besides the main seating area, there was also a bar as well as a breakfast spread. As for the bar, there was no bartender during my visit – probably because it was still early in the day.

United Club Phoenix Breakfast Spread

Breakfast spread.
Window View

Window view.
United Club Phoenix Bar


Food & Drinks Selection

During the time of my visit, the breakfast spread was offered. It consisted of some simple items including yoghurt and some toasts. There were also some soft drinks. Alcoholic drinks in the lounge can only be had at the bar – which was unattended during my visit.

Water and Juice

Water and juice.


I had some yoghurt with fresh fruits, and a cup of orange juice. The yoghurt was tasty and the fruits were fresh. The same could be said about the orange juice which seemed to be freshly squeezed.


My light breakfast.

United Club Phoenix Sky Harbor Summary

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at the lounge. However, given that it is rather small, it might get a bit less comfortable at busier times. The breakfast was acceptable for a domestic lounge, and the staff were courteous and moved around frequently to clear the leftover plates.

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