Review: SAS Business Class Lounge at Copenhagen Kastrup

Review: SAS Business Class Lounge at Copenhagen Kastrup

Given that Copenhagen airport is SAS Scandinavian Airlines’ main hub, it is natural that the airline operates a pair of lounges – the SAS Lounge and the SAS Gold Lounge – there.

During my short layover at the airport back in January while making my way to Japan, I was able to visit the former of the two lounges.

Read this review to see what it was like.

Location, Opening Hours & Access

Both the SAS Lounge and SAS Gold Lounge are located in Copenhagen Kastrup airport terminal 3’s Schengen area, across from gate C10. The lounge is also accessible to eligible passengers departing from terminal 2 since the two terminals are connected airside.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Entrance
SAS Lounge Services
Lounge services.

The SAS Lounge is located on the main departures level, and passengers traveling in business class with Star Alliance airlines, as well as Star Alliance Gold members are eligible for access. SAS passengers ineligible for free access can pay about 35 dollars to enter the lounge.

On weekdays, the SAS Lounge is open between 5AM and 11PM. During the weekend, its open between 6AM and 9PM.

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Lounge Tour

After entering the lounge’s reception area, I scanned my boarding pass at one of the scanners on the left side and entered the SAS Lounge. The scanners on the right side were for passengers entering the SAS Gold Lounge (available to Star Alliance Gold members only) which was located directly above the business class lounge.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Reception

Across from the automatic gates, there were a customer service center and a large screen showing statistics about Scandinavian Airlines’ operations, as well as other information such as the exchange rates.

To the left of the gates, there was a small kids’ room with some toys and books, and a world map on its wall.

The one last thing that was located near the entrance was what would best be described as a Panasonic showroom.

There were several Panasonic cameras and other products on display. There was even a “Sound of Silence Work Station” where passengers could use Panasonic’s noise-cancelling headsets.

SAS Business Class Lounge Service Counters
Service counters.
SAS Business Class Lounge Kids Room
Kids’ room.
Panasonic Showroom in SAS Lounge
Panasonic showroom.

Going further into the lounge, there was the dining are with two buffet counters – one mainly stocked with drinks and the other mainly stocked with food. I’ll write about the actual contents of the buffet further down in the next section of this review.

The seating in the dining area consisted of circular and rectangular communal tables.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Buffet Area
Bufet area.
SAS Business Class Lounge Decorations
Nicely decorated wall.
SAS Business Class Lounge Dining Area
Seating in the dining area.
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Dining Area Seating
Circular tables in the dining area.

Next to the dining area, there were more traditional, lounge-like, seating areas with sofa chairs and coffee tables. They were separated from the aisle with some magazine racks.

Part of the seating in this zone was raised a bit and featured fake fireplaces.

SAS Lounge Seating Area
Lounging area.
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Seating Area
Seating by a “fireplace.”

Behind the dining and seating areas mentioned above was a pair of short hallways separating the front side of the lounge with a seating area in the back.

One of those hallways was where the lounge’s toilet rooms – each an individual room with a toilet and a sink – and shower rooms could be found, and the other one served as a business center.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Toilet Room
Toilet room.

The business center consisted of about half a dozen individual working spaces separated from each other with a fairly low partition that added at least a bit of privacy, and of a counter.

There was also a couple of printers and computers that passengers could use.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Business Center
Business center.
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Business Center
Counter in the business center.
Workspace in SAS Business Class Lounge Copenhagen

The seating area at the very back of the lounge consisted of fifty or so sofa chairs in rows of five. Besides that, there was also a drink and snacks counter with soft drinks, beer, wine, and fresh fruits.

There were also some meeting rooms (although they were locked and didn’t seem like they were available for use), some “phone booths,” and a shoe polishing machine.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Seating Area
Seating in the back of the lounge.
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Drinks and Snacks
Drinks and snacks area.
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Phone Booths
Phone booths.
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Shoe Polishing Machine
Shoe polishing machine.

Food and Drinks

Starting with the drinks available in SAS Lounge, they could be found both in the main buffet area, as well as in the drink station in the back of the lounge.

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite Zero, Fanta, and both still and sparkling water were available from dispensers. Separately from that, there were also orange and apple juices, as well as milk available.

As for hot drinks, there was a coffee machine and a selection of Pukka and Lipton teas.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Soft Drinks
Soda and water.
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Juices
Juices and milk.
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Coffee
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Tea

As for alcoholic drinks, there was no liquor during my visit (perhaps it’s only available in the afternoon). There was red and white wine, and Carlsberg beer on tap, though.

There was also non-alcoholic beer.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Beer
Carlsberg beer.
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Wine
White wine.
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Red Wine
Red wine.

During my visit, only cold meal options were available.

There were some fresh fruits including apples, oranges, and bananas, and there were plain, vanilla, and strawberry yogurts, and overnight oats with apples.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Fruits
Fruits and non-alcoholic beer.
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Breakfast
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Breakfast
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Breakfast
Overnight oats with apples.

Then, there were some cereals, cold cuts, eggs, bread, and cheese.

Finally, there was oat porridge.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen Food
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Food
Cold cuts, tomatoes, eggs.
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Bread
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Cheese
SAS Lounge Copenhagen Breakfast
Oat porridge.

SAS Business Class Lounge Copenhagen Summary

Overall, I liked the design of the lounge, and especially the fact that it included a business center with individual workspaces – something I always appreciate as generally I like to spend my time in lounges catching up on KN Aviation articles.

That said, the lounge was underwhelming in its drinks and food selection. There was no liquor (although it was morning, so that’s understandable) and there was no food. Given that it was a lounge operated by a major airline rather than a third-party contract lounge, I would have appreciated if there were at least some scrambled eggs or omelettes.

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