Review: Singapore Airlines SilverKris Business Class Lounge at Changi Airport (Terminal 2)

Review: Singapore Airlines SilverKris Business Class Lounge at Changi Airport (Terminal 2)

Singapore Airlines operates two business class lounges at its base, Singapore Changi airport. One of those can be found in terminal 2 while the other in terminal 3.

I had a chance to visit the former while making my way from Tokyo to Hong Kong with ANA and Singapore Airlines. Continue reading this review to see what the SilverKris Lounge in terminal 2 is like.

If you plan to visit the one in terminal 3, make sure to check Hirofumi’s review.

Location, Opening Hours & Access

The SilverKris Lounge in terminal 2 can be found near “E” gates, one floor above the main departures level. Because terminal 1 through 3 are essentially the same building, you can visit this lounge regardless of which of the three you are departing from.

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge in Changi Airport Terminal

To access the lounge, you have to be flying out of Singapore in business class on either Singapore Airlines or one of its Star Alliance partners. Keep in mind that you cannot access the lounge with a Star Alliance Gold status. That will, instead, give you access into one of the two Krisflyer Gold Lounges at the airport.

The SilverKris business class lounge is open 24 hours a day.

Lounge Tour

After entering into the reception area, I was approached by one of the lounge attendants who checked my boarding pass, reminded me that my flight would be departing from terminal 3, and let me inside.

Keep in mind that when I visited the lounge, it was about 1AM (and I stayed until about 5:30AM), and so it was completely empty. During the day, it can get quite crowded.

Just past the reception area, there was a business center with about a dozen cubicles where one could get some work done. While most were “empty,” a couple were equipped with computers.

SilverKris Lounge Business Center
Business center.

Entering into the lounge, there was a dining area (as well as the entrance into the bathrooms) on the left, and a large seating area on the right.

The dining area consisted of about half a dozen dining tables for four, the lounge’s buffet spread (more about that later), and a pair of communal tables for up to ten people each.

SilverKris Lounge Changi Terminal 2 Dining Area
Dining area.
KrisShop in Singapore Airlines Lounge
One of the dining tables.
Communal Table in SilverKris Lounge SIN T2
Communal table.
Food and Drinks in SilverKris Lounge at Singapore Changi Airport

The seating area was in a “boring” lounge configuration consisting of rows and rows of individual sofa chairs. To give some credit to Singapore Airlines, there were two or three different kinds of sofa chairs for some variety.

Unfortunately, there were no larger sofas or anything else that could serve as a sleeping surface, and so I had to connect two of the sofa chairs to make my self (somewhat) comfortable.

Although thinking about it now, I might have been just better off trying to sleep in the terminal itself.

SilverKris Lounge Changi Terminal 2 Seating Area
Overview of the seating area.
Sofas in Singapore Airlines Lounge at Changi Airport
Rows of sofa chairs.
Leather Sofas in Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge at Cha
Leather sofa chairs.

There was also a large TV with the news on and a selection of newspapers and magazines.

Besides that, there were three phone booths where people could take their calls without interrupting other guests – something I really appreciate, and something that can be found in most lounges in Japan but not often enough in other countries.

Plenty of power outlets could be found throughout the lounge – although they were all local rather than universal. That said, they also had USB ports.

TV Area in SilverKris Business Class Lounge
TV area.
Newspapers and Magazines in Singapore Airlines Lounge
Newspapers and magazines.
Phone Booths in Changi Airport SilverKris Lounge
Phone booths.
Power Outlets in Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge at Cha
Power outlets.

The lounge’s shower rooms were simple but sufficient. While there was soap, shampoo, and some other amenities, the selection was fairly limited compared to some other lounges.

Shower at SilverKris Business Class Lounge at Changi T2
Shower room.

Food and Drinks

If there’s one thing I have to praise about the SilverKris Lounge is that even though I visited the lounge in the middle of the night, the buffet was fully stocked. Let’s start with the drinks, though.

There was a large refrigerator with canned Coke and other soda, Perrier, as well as Heineken beer. There were also some bottled juices and water. Besides that, there were a selection of TWG tea bags and a coffee machine.

Alcoholic drinks included, besides the canned Heineken, about half a dozen different kinds of liquor, some wine, and Tiger beer on tap.

Soft Drinks in SilverKris Business Class Lounge
Canned and bottled drinks.
TWG Tea in Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge at Changi Ai
Alcohol in Singapore Airlines Lounge at Changi Airport
Liquor, wine, and Tiger beer.

As for things to eat, there were some lighter items including cereals, cheese, salads, fruits, sandwiches, toasts, and pancakes.

Salad Bar
Salad bar.


Breakfast in SilverKris Lounge at Changi Airport (Terminal 2)
Warm pastries.

Then, there was chicken soup, as well as an extensive selection of both local and international mains. You can see the complete menu that was available during my visit in the pictures below.

Braised Old Yellow Cucumber with Chicken Soup
Braised old yellow cucumber with chicken soup.
Braised Beancurd
Braised beancurd with mushrooms and vegetables.
Stir-Fried "Huai Shan"
Stir-fried “Huai Shan” fungus and celery.
Hot Meal in Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge at Changi Airpo
Braised pork with garlic and soy sauce.
Japanese Noodles
Japanese noodles with vegetables.
Braised Beef Brisket
Braised beef brisket.
Lunch in Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge
Penne with saffron cream sauce.
Honey Chicken Wings
Honey chicken wings.
Indian Food in SilverKris Lounge at Changi Airport
Indian mixed vegetarian fritters.
Steamed rice.

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 2 Summary

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge. Considering that – until the one in terminal 3 was opened – it used to be the flagship lounge of one of the world’s best airlines, it’s underwhelming.

On the other hand, though, it’s a normal “average” business class lounge. In fact, the food selection – while some of the items didn’t look too appetizing – was well above average. Especially considering that it was the middle of the night.

Just like with many other lounges, the SilverKris Lounge is not a lounge that I would arrive at the airport early to spend some time in. That said, if I had a transfer at Changi airport, I wouldn’t hesitate to visit the lounge again.

That said, my opinion about that might change if I visit it during one of its busier times.

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