Retired Swiss Avro Giving Tips to Its Successor, the Bombardier CSeries in a New Video

A bit more than a week ago, on August 15, 2017, Swiss operated its last British Aerospace Avro RJ flight. To celebrate the aircraft’s important role in Swiss’ fleet, and to welcome its successor – the Bombardier CSeries – into the fleet, Swiss created a commemorative video.

And, while I do not normally put airline videos here, this one was done too nicely to be ignored. Plus, Swiss Avro was the aircraft that took me on my first spotting trip ever about 11 years ago, in August 2016 – so I thought it deserved some mention on the blog!

The Swiss Talking Airplanes Video

In the new video, both of the aircraft are in hangar – Avro playing the role of a “veteran” and CSeries the role of a “newbie.”

Before reading on, I suggest you watch it first…

In case you cannot watch it, here is a short overview.

In the story, the two aircraft meet in a hangar after darkness sets in, and the Avro gives tips to and answers questions of the CSeries – which is nervous before it’s “first flight.”

I’m not really sure what to expect, everything is new for me.

At the same time, features of both of the aircraft are shown off. Ranging from the CSeries’ big windows all the way to Avro’s distinct air brakes and four engines.

At one point, the CSeries even mentions that she is “impressed by his four engines” to which the Avro jokingly replies…

Well, thank you. I’m still waiting for a sticker saying “four engines for short-haul.”

Swiss’ Retirement of the British Aerospace Avro

As mentioned in the introduction, Swiss operated its last Avro flight on August 15, 2017. The flight, LX7545 between Geneva and Zurich was an invitation-only special flight, though. The last scheduled passenger flight was operated a day earlier, from London City to Zurich, and marked the end of a 27 year long history of British Aerospace aircraft at Swiss.

Retired Swiss Avro Giving Tips to Its Successor, the Bombardier CSeries in a New Video

Swiss’ history with the type dates back to Crossair – it’s predecessor – that got its first British Aerospace BAe-146 delivered in 1990. Then, starting from 1993, the airline started to acquire the more modern Avro RJs – first in the RJ85 version, followed by the RJ100s.

Since then until last week, the type has been important in the airline’s regional operations. And, a common sight at airports throughout Europe.

Personal Memories of the Swiss Avro

While the Avro was an important type for Swiss, the aircraft has a special significance to me as well. As mentioned above, it was the aircraft that took me on my first ever spotting trip back in August 2006.

I took flight LX1585 from Vienna to Zurich on the morning of August 13, 2016, and spent the whole day at the observation deck in Zurich before taking an evening flight on an A319 back. On top of it being my first spotting trip and my first Avro flight, I was also lucky that it was operated by HB-IYS, the  “Zurich Shopper.”

Swiss Avro RJ100 Zurich Shopper

My second, and last, Swiss Avro experience was on a flight from London City to Zurich back in 2011. Once again, I was lucky to get a “special” aircraft – HB-IYV in the Star Alliance livery.

Swiss Avro RJ100 Star Alliance

Unfortunately, there will be no “third Swiss Avro flight” for me, however, I cannot wait to try their new CSeries sometime soon.

Have you flown on the Swiss Avro? If so, on which routes?

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  1. Yeah, that video is pretty cute! 🙂
    Gonna miss them, theres nothing quite like the Jumbolinos when you think about it..
    Thankfully had the chance to fly on them quite a few times.. no special livery though you were lucky! :O

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