Review: The Haven by JetQuay at Singapore Changi

Review: The Haven by JetQuay at Singapore Changi

While the public areas of Singapore Changi airport are comfortable, there are also quite a few lounges for eligible passengers. Those include several lounges accessible by Priority Pass members – at least one in each terminal.

Prior to taking my flight on KLM – and visiting Dnata Lounge which my business class ticket allowed me to do – I spent a couple of hours in The Haven by JetQuay in terminal 3.

Continue reading this review to see what the lounge was like.

Location, Opening Hours & Access

The lounge is located before security and that allowed me to visit it before the check-in counters for my flight opened. To find it, you simply have to follow “Pay-per-use Lounge” signs in the terminal 3 arrival lobby.

The Haven by JetQuay is open 24 hours a day, and can be accessed with Priority Pass (for 3 hours) or by paying a usage fee.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3
To get to the lounge, follow the “Pay-per-use Lounge” signs.
The Haven by JetQuay at Singapore Changi Airport - Entrance

Lounge Tour

Right after the entrance, there was a reception from where – after checking-in – one could head in three directions.

To the left of the reception desk, there was a pair of meeting rooms. Behind the desk, there was an area with private sleeping rooms (not accessible without paying even for Priority Pass members) and showers. And, finally, to the right of the reception was the actual lounge which was basically one long room.

The Haven by JetQuay Floor Plan
Floor plan.

Just past the reception, there was a small kids’ corner with some toys and a TV playing a cartoon.

The Haven by JetQuay Kids' Corner
Kids’ corner.

Then, along the outer side of the lounge, there were several boxes with single sofa chairs and larger sofas arranged around coffee tables. Because there was a small wall between each set, each of the seats offered a fair amount of privacy. And, each of the wall also had a couple of power outlets.

Singapore Changi The Haven by JetQuay Lounge
Main seating area.
Seating in The Haven by JetQuay
The seats offered plenty of privacy.
The Haven by JetQuay Seating
While there were mostly single sofa chairs, there were also some larger sofas.

Towards the back, just before the lounge’s dining area, there were some more seats, and also a counter with three or four computers. Next to that, there was another counter with a printer as well as some reading materials.

The Haven by JetQuay Business Center
The Haven by JetQuay Business Center
Reading materials and printer.

At the very back of The Haven by JetQuay lounge was the dining area with a simple buffet, counters with high-top chairs, two smaller dining tables for two people each, and a larger dining table for six people.

The Haven by JetQuay Dining Area
Dining area.
The Haven by JetQuay Buffet
Buffet counter.
The Haven by JetQuay Dining Area
Seating in the dining area.
The Haven by JetQuay Dining Area

Food and Drinks

When I entered the lounge, the lounge attendant mentioned that I could order something to eat from their a la carte menu which included six different dishes.

I took that chance, and got green curry. While it was likely a ready-to-eat package, it was still decent.

The Haven by JetQuay A La Carte Menu
The Haven by JetQuay Green Curry Hot Meal
Green curry.

The buffet itself was very simple.

There were some snacks such as cookies and rice crackers on offer. There were also bread with butter and jams, and cereals.

The only hot option in the buffet were cup noodles.

The Haven by JetQuay Snacks
Snacks and bread.
The Haven by JetQuay Food
Cup noodles and cereals.

As far as drinks are concerned, there were cans of ice tea and soda, bottled water, and juices and milk in pitchers. There were also coffee and a selection of Dilmah teas.

The Haven by JetQuay Soft Drinks
Cold soft drinks.
The Haven by JetQuay Tea and Coffee
Tea and coffee.

There were no free alcoholic drinks – instead, there were beer and wine could be purchased. When I entered with Priority Pass, though, I was handed a coupon for a free glass of beer or wine.

The Haven by JetQuay Alcoholic Drinks
Alcohol menu.

The Haven by JetQuay Singapore Summary

Overall, while the lounge was not as nice as, for example, the Dnata Lounge that I visited airside after checking in, it still provided for a nice place to relax in and work for a couple of hours.

Even though the food was nothing to write home about, I still found it nice that rather than having a buffet, there was an a la carte selection of items served by the staff.

The biggest advantage of this lounge, though, is the fact that it is located landside, before security.

Because of that, you can visit it when you arrive at the airport before the baggage counters open. That’s especially nice if you can access it for free with a Priority Pass membership. Although in that case, you will have to check in online and show that boarding pass to the staff.

Or, while I didn’t try it, you might get away with just showing your ticket instead.

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